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Co-Generation Conveyors

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Co Generation Conveyors and our setup is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

Co generation, also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP), is a process where electricity and useful heat are generated simultaneously from the same fuel source. In sugar factories, the bagasse (a residue after sugar production ) is used to manufacture electricity.
It's an efficient way to utilize energy resources because it captures and utilizes waste heat that would otherwise be wasted in conventional power generation processes.
Conveyors play a role in co generation Systems primarily in the handling of fuel sources like biomass, coal, or waste materials, which are often used in these Systems.

Here's how conveyors might be involved :

  • 1. Fuel Handling : Conveyors are used to transport fuel materials such as biomass, coal, or waste to the co generation plant. These materials may need to be transported from storage facilities to the processing units within the plant.
  • 2. Boiler Feeding : In co generation plants that use solid fuels like biomass or coal, conveyors are often used to transport these fuels into the boiler for combustion. This can involve Systems such as Screw Conveyor Coolers, belt conveyors, or pneumatic conveyors.
  • 3. Ash Handling : After combustion, the ash residue needs to be removed from the boiler. Conveyors can be used to transport ash to storage facilities or disposal sites.
  • 4. Heat Recovery Systems : Conveyors may also be involved in the heat recovery process. For example, in Systems where heat is recovered from exhaust gases or steam, conveyors might transport fluids through heat exchangers.

Overall, conveyors are integral to the efficient operation of co generation plants, ensuring the smooth handling of fuel and by-products throughout the process.

Co Generation Conveyors
Co Generation Conveyors